Morning Nectar

I am putting up this post again as many have found good benefit from it both for Diabetes Control as well as Osteo Arthritis control.


1) Roast Flax seeds (alsi seeds) lightly on dry tawa without oil. Allow to cool. Make powder in a mixi, and keep in Fridge

2) Soak 2 tsp of Methi seeds in Curd overnight in a small cup or bowl. Use 2 Tsp of Curds and add some water

3) In the morning add 2 Tsp of Flax seed powder and 1 tsp of pure organic honey (Waitrose or other imported honey from Canada, UK, Australia ot Newzealand. Unfortunately every single brand of Honey sold in India, including Dabur,is adulterated minimum 50 to 70% with sugar syrup and color). Mix and consume.

4) the taste is wonderful. Flax seeds give 2 ingredients, one for enhancing GDL, the ‘Good’ cholestorol, and another oil which helps knee joint. Methi also has 2 components. One for reducing and stabilising blood sugar, and another component which enhances collagen production in the body.

5) You have to persist with this for 2 or 3 years before seeing the permanent beneift

6) Hobey improves immunity and reduces cell death, thus delaying effect of aging, specially in joints.

That is why I call this as Morning Nectar!

I am using it every day morning since about 10 years, and have effetcively defeated OA

in both my knees


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1 Response to Morning Nectar

  1. Sujatha says:

    Hi Dr Ramana …. Recently I came to know that soaking Mahabeera water overnight in a glass of water and drinking that in the morning on an empty stomach helps in cartilage growth . Chia seeds also have the same properties

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