More supplement information

Recently I have come across 2 new supplements. I am trying them now and they seem to have some effect

1. Collagen Advanced formula Tablets with Type 1,2 & 3 Collagen and with 18 amino acids added

Made by Nutrawise and available on

Claims to restore muscle and ligament tissue as well as improving bone health with Collagen.

2. Collagen Enhance – claims ‘all natural’ ingredients and the capsule is made from vegetable gelatin

Made by ResVitalle – see their site

I will get back with a review by trying for 3 months more. If any one has tried these products please post on this iste

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5 Responses to More supplement information

  1. preeti says:

    what about supplements that are not available in india?

  2. Vikas Rai says:

    Sir Ramana,

    Kindly suggest whether to take MSM after meal or before it. Further, in India there is a product named Cartigen Forte by Pharmed Ltd. Whether that is efficacious or not.


    Vikas rai

    • drpvramana says:

      Vikas Ji,
      MSM is almost always sold in a combination with Glucosamine. My experience is that Glucosamine with MSM (and sometimes with other beneficial ingredients, depending on the brand), is best taken at 1500 mg/day for a month and then 750 mg/day. After meals is best.

      Cartigen is a cartilage booster, and is not a Glucosamine substitute. IT supplies Collagen which is the fibrous substrate on which the membrane protecting the knee joint grows. IT is useful as a food supplement, usually prescribed for 15 to 30 days continuously in a sachet form, one sachet per day. I am not aware of the capsule format as I have not used it. Best consult your orthopedist

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