Morning Nector for Senior Citizens

Most people like me ( I am 73, and if you are 55+ you should read this!) have several problems:
– Diabetes
– Knee Pain
– High Cholesterol, specially low level of HDL, and high level LDL
There is a way to beat all 3, which I am using for last 10 years. My blood sugar level has remained constant at around 120 (PP), Knee pains are forgotten, and my HDL is improving steadily. Here is what I do – Take 1/4 cup of Morning Nectar first thing in the morning on empty stomach.

How to make this?

You need 4 ingredients, all available at home
1. Powdered Flax Seeds (Also known as Alsi in Mumbai area)
Buy 250 Gm at a time, roast lightly on dosa pan till they brown – DO NOT BURN
Make Powder in a Mixi, store in Fridge
2. Freshly Set Curd, every day item, or you could buy Nestle or Amul Dahi
3. Methi Seeds (Fenugreek)
4. Honey

– Previous night, take 2 tea spoons of Methi Seeds, and soak overnight in 2 Table spoons of Curd (Yoghurt). You will need a small bowl or a cup for this.
– Next morning, add 2 tea spoons of powdered Flax seeds, and 2 tea spoons of Honey
– Mix well and eat slowly
I assure you this is very tasty and once you start this you will not leave it. That is why I call it Morning Nectar.

How the Ingredients work:
a. Dahi is for soaking the Methi seeds and retaining the active component. If you soak Methis in water, some of the good things Methi has, will wash out in the water
b. Methi supplies 2 good things:
– Methi reduces Blood Sugar levels
– The sticky proteins in Methi help regenerate the soft tissue in the Knee Joint
c. Flax Seed oil is just about the only regular food item which increases HDL levels, and reduces LDL and VLDL levels, specially for vegetarians
d. Honey is the Panacea for many respiratory tract problems, and supplies vital amino acids for cell regeneration. I have read some where that it helps slow down aging.

Only one precaution – Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after you have enjoyed this scrumptious beginning to a new day!

Dr P V Ramana

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16 Responses to Morning Nector for Senior Citizens

  1. I think this is a must read article for every senior citizen. Mr. Ramana, you have given some great tips to avoid diabetes, knee pain and high cholesterol. I will be waiting for more of similar articles on this blog and would surely like to share it with the elderly friends.

  2. SWAPNIL says:

    Glad to read your blog, I want your mail id if possible ? I want to ask you something about ITM Group.

  3. Dr.A.Srimahalakshmi says:

    very good therophy

    i will convey this to all my family members


  4. Rajeev Jain says:

    I have started using this and in less than 15 days I got immense relief. But Methi seeds are very hot.

  5. Ramani says:

    Will surely try this!

  6. Vineet says:

    Hi, Dr PV Raman, I am 39 yrs old and bit over weight. Can I take this ?

    • drpvramana says:

      Of course, it is completely natural and cannot hurt you, but you need to consume less than 1000 calories/day and walk minimum 45 min. Brisk walk will do. Do not run or jog till your weight comes down
      I have found green tea helps to knock off 4 to t kilos in 2 weeks. Use pure green tea Twining earl grey green tea is best, no sugar, no milk

  7. Malvika Parekh says:

    i will definitely try this as I also suffer from diabetes, arthritis and cholostrol

    • y p keshary says:

      I have been using this mix of morning nector in half the specified quantity since last one month.I feel this is giving good result.

  8. dharma pal upadhyaya says:

    sir with regards i have to mention reg my wife 62 yrs suffering from diabitis type 2,high chlorstrol and ,hbp since 7 years. she is regularly taking alopethik medicines all things r generally in normal range. at present his bp is 65/120,sugar level at 120 fasting and 145 at pp.hdl ldl are in control.will u pl. suggest me.
    whether she can take honey with this..
    can she take it this herbal comb. with the medicines already taking.
    i will appreciate your valuable direction in this case.

  9. JJ says:

    I just read yr article on morning nectar. I am suffering from severe osteo arthritis in my left knee and have been prescribed anti inflammation tablets besides collaflex and calcium. I want to avoid the anti-inflammation medicine.
    I had started taking soaked methi in water, but am not regular. Morning nectar recipe sounds good.
    Just need to know whether I can continue to have warm water with lemon before taking this morning nectar?

    Thanks and best wishes

    • drpvramana says:

      I am 75, going on 55!
      I have had OA related knee pain in both knees. Started at age 65. But since last 7 years, I am totally free of pain and unrestricted mobility, with following regime:
      1. The first rule is “Us eit or lose it!” YOu must walk minimum 2 Km with or without pain. Walk slow if you must, the distanc eis important, not the speed! The enrgy required to the body 2 Km is same regardless of what ever the walking speed! Only the rate at which you spend your energy differs
      2. Take Morning Nectar regularly. Warm water with Lemon is optional. It helps in regular bowel movement and has no effect on knee situation
      3.Take Collaflex sachets one a day for 30 days
      4. Start taking Glucosamine with MSM and Chodroitin 1500 Mg tablets twice a day for 60 days and one a day, every day. Glucosamine builds the membrane in the knee and in long term use is also a specific pain killer for joints
      5. Start a gradual weight loss regime with aim of taking off 10 kg over a year, by reducing carbs, increasing protein and salads, and water intake (when ever the wife or a any member of the family approach you, make it a rule that they bring a glass of water and you drink and then only talk to them)
      6. Take Calcium if not already doing so. Triple A Cal is a good option
      6. I have followed this regime for 3 years from 2005 to 2008 and since then I do only the morning nectar, 2 Km walk,1 tab Glucosamine and a Calcium tab, and a B Vitamin complex tab

      All the ingredients are natural, and will never harm you. If you do not have sugar, then you can import Jomo ( Glucosamine concnetrate in liquid form. It is in concentrated Cherry syrup. 2 Bottles will set you right. If you have friends in USA they can buy and courier to you

      I have written in detail for the benefit of new visitors to the site

      Good luck

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