Osteoarthritis (OA) dealing with OA with dietary supplements


I started experiencing OA pain in right knee since last 5 months. The pain crept up gradually to hip joint as well. This is a post giving details of how I am coping with this with dietary supplements only so far.

Caution: Painkillers are best avoided in OA, since they cause acidity, and hardening of arteries as well. Arteries can become so brittle that it is possible to experience uncontrollable multiple arteries ‘splitting’ and flooding the body with blood! This is the reason I chose to deal with OA with food supplements only, and NO DRUGS AND NO PAINKILLERS!

The supplements I am using:

Glucosamine with Diacerene – This helps to povide the aminoacids required in building new cartilege. Glucosamine is also a natural painkiller after continued use of several weeks. Doctors recommend life long use

Latest versions of Calcium intake – Brittle bone tissue is also a reason for abrasion and pain. Triple A Cal is a good source, as also Shelcal (Osteo)

New Generation Bio-Actives: These help mediate energy transfer required to build new protiens for Cartilege and sinovial fluid. I am using SAMMY which is a pre-curson to ATP and helps energy release at required sites. I am also using Cobasoft OD which is a bio-active version of B-Complex

Hyaluronic Acid: This is needed to build up the quantity of sinovial fluid in the knee joint. I am using Hyal Oral daily. Injections are also available

JoMo: This is a Florida based company supplying a liquid which has extra-strength ingredients such as Collagen, Glucosamine etc in Cherry and Pomegranate concentrate. The fruit concentrates are very antoxidants. Not available in India. can be ordered from http://www.jomo.com. JoMo stands for joints in motion!

Collagen: This is needed to build up the cartilege in the knee joint which acts as the cushion. Collaflex sachets of 10 gm are available at all chemists.

Collagen type II: There is empirical research to show that Type II Collagen is better to build cartilage.. Best source is Chicken sternum bones. Nit sold in India but available from USA f with trade name Encore Collagen II capsules.

Multivitamin Tablets: B-Plex Forte of Surbex Osteo are good

Antoxidant specific to OA: Cap GLA is available in India. GLA stands fro Gamma Ligneic Acid

Things not to do: Reduce walking and also reduce weight. No climbing of more than 2 floors at atime. Climbing up staircases puts maximum stress on the knee joint and supporting muscles!

Exercise: Simple exercises designed to strengthen calf and thigh muscles, and stationary cycle exercise.

The result is that I am going about with no pain and no restriction in knee joint!

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  1. Shanthi says:

    I’m Shanthi and Sir I’m doing research on why people develop knee pain. Sir May I know your age ? Also sir during your younger days did you used to strain your leg a lot by running or walking too much ? OR where you having sedentary habits during your younger days. Please email your replies directly to me sir zshanthi@gmail.com.

    • deepika desai says:

      i am dr deepika desai . i have got arthritis of hand joints do you suggest the same remedy i suggest you to take dry and fresh ginger as well as turmeric for arthritis your suggestions are welcome my email id is deepikadesai23@gmail.com

    • srinivas. says:

      i am 38 years of age, and i have been playing a lot of squash, badminton and running a lot around 1 hour on treadmill and now i have developed severe pain in both my knees and finally now i am not able to play and when i climb stairs it pains a lot, recently the doctor has recommended me food supplement,and past one month have been taking ostisave , but no relief.

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Shanthi, I am 71 years old. No, I did not do much exercise by running or walking during my younger days. Now only I am walking about 2 km/day. I was sedentary, practically a bookworm!

      • Prakash Kulkarni says:

        Dear Sir

        Please keep posting your experiences. They are very valuable and useful for many with OA problem. Are you a medical doctor by profession. Thank you Sir

  2. Harini says:

    With all the responsibilities of correcting AICTE and Higher Education on your shoulder, the knees certainly will feel the load and develop complications. If you are interested in taking Homeopathy medicines – please contact Dr Madhavan – your ex Director of Chennai ITM!

  3. Prakash Kulkarni says:

    Dear Respected Sir,
    My name is Prakash Kulkarni. I am about 57 years. I developed knee pain on my right leg about 10 months before. I consulted doctors. It is diagnosed as OA. I was feeling better. It was not comfortable to walk for exercise hence I tried bicycle. In the process my left knee also got into the same problem. I am taking ostisave 400 , celadrin, lorasaid, jocal.
    I want to avoid medicine. After reading the first mail, I felt like following it. Where to get the following medicines:
    Glucosamine with Diacerene, Latest versions of Calcium intake –. Triple A Cal is a good source, as also Shelcal (Osteo), SAMMY, Cobasoft OD, Hyal Oral, Collaflex, Collagen type II (equivalent for vegetarians ?). Please help me.

  4. pskdhar says:

    Dear Dr. PV Ramana Sir
    How to reduce body weight. With OA problem we can not walk much. Diet control is one of them which I am doing. Do you have any suggestions. I am vegetarian.

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Mr Dhar
      Here is what I did to reduce weight
      – Avoid all Milk products as far as possible. Please remember that quadrupeds were not designed to drink milk. Only at ealry childhood, the body can take and digest milk properly that also from the mother’s breast. Try if you can make a cow drink milk! I take black coffee, and avoid curd rice etc. My wife does force some buttermilk on me, but that is it
      – Avoid Sugar completely
      – Change cooking habits to use the very least amount of oil. Us eonly Olive oil for all cooking needs
      – A stationary cycle with a reclining feature is available at all stores which sell treadmill, gym eqpt etc (Proline is one such store). You get the same benefit as walking. I did tread mill at home, but after 6 months I felt fit enough to walk, and now I am walking 45 to 60 min every day.
      – Total weight loss in last 8 months is 9 kilos
      Try it and perseverance wins
      Pls remember I am not a medical doctor. I putting on this site, what works for me, and let others benefit in their own way!


  5. Janak Merchant says:

    Dr. PV Ramana,

    You have suggested to avoid all milk products. So only thru calcium tablets are you taking your required daily calcium intake? Pl guide.

    I take Collaflex, Cartigen Forte and calcium supplements regularly. In spite of this i still feel pain in both knees. My cartilage has been damaged and i was told that it would happen due to wrong and long administration of steroid during the period 1990-96 which were given to me for treating my allergies.

    Best wishes and thanks for the information.

    Janak Merchant

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Janak,
      Please remember I am not a medical doctor. I am only giving benefit of my own experiences. Giving up all milk products has given me 2 benefits.
      1. Helps weight reduction
      2. Stops excess lactic acid in the system, which can cause crystal formation in unwanted places
      Also I believe that the human system is not designed to treat Cow milk as a food. Breast Milk is designed to kick start the baby, but when weaned the system changes. Try to get a cow to drink milk! This is a belief system and not a proven medical fact.

      Go to the site http://www.jomo.com and get some bottles imported through any friend in USA (They do not ship to India) Myself and several friends have tried this with miraculous effect

      Also Glucosamine HCL 1500 mg with Chondroitin Suphate 1200 is a better mix – This is best procured from USA. Kirkland Extrastrength is a good choice. This gives a one tablet per day dose

      Hope this helps


      • Sonu Kumar says:

        Dear Friends I also used cartigen forte, but now I am taking Aloevera Nacter, it has no side effects [in general cases], according to company, but if some special (rare) case of Aloevera Allergies, it is advisable to take the Liquid Gel – as per expert advice; (It is so beneficial for Joints and Joints Conditioins – that I have taken Distributorship of the Medicine) any one from any country may contact me for further explanation(s), feel free to contact : ishnoida@gmail.com.

    • Ajinder says:

      Dear Janak,
      I repaired my cartilage twice with the help of Supplements,i had damaged my cartilage while playing Badminton, I took calmag D, Bonehealth and glucosmine,Bio C…..This really saved my Knee twice from Operation. Contact me at 9869275932 if need more info.


      • drpvramana says:

        I agree totally with Ajinder. I have started sharing my experience when I had trouble in my right knee about 6 years ago. Last 4 months I had lower back pain and pain and inflammation in my left knee due to misalignment and change of gait due to lumbar pain. I have over come both without medication or surgery
        LOWER BACK PAIN: PHYSIOTHERAPY ONLY – Please locate a Physiotherapist who is “Mckenjies” qualified. Ordinary Physio who is just a recent 4-year graduate will not do. Dr McKenjies is from New Zealand. He has developed sets of exercise which correct almost all bone and muscle stress conditions. You need between 15 to 20 sessions. The exercises are simple but better done under supervision. I have not taken a single pain killer in teh process. The most important part is the adoption of right posture.
        – half-round shaped lower back support which goes across lower back. This costs about Rs 1000/ and available in India. Also called D-Section and comes with an elastic strap for holding it position in any office chair.If you can afford you can import from this site in Amazon.com
        – Standard office chair suppliers carry models which have adjustment to give lumbar support. Ask your employer to provide one for you. They are obliged since Insurance bills are saved!
        – carry yourself erect at all times and sit erect. After a few months this becomes a habit and you are cured of back pain for ever!

        Left Knee: I applied the same formula. Glucosamine+Choindritin+MSM 1500 Mg twice a day and Collagen sachets for 20 days one a day. Now I am free of pain in Left knee and still able walk 2 miles/day. Walking is an important part of the treatment. This improves blood circulation and allows the nutrients/supplements to work.


  6. Janak Merchant says:

    Thank you v much for a prompt reply.

    I am already taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Calcium with D3 tablets. However many times during the year pain just starts suddenly and affects my mobility severely. I also take Brocolli and Pineaaple Juice regularly. Will order from jomo.com.

    I am from Ahmedabad, Do call if you happen to visit this place.

    Best wishes,

    Janak Merchant

  7. Prasad says:

    Sir, Was this from the advice of a medical doctor or on the basis of what appears to be an extensive personal research ?

  8. Harsh a kataria says:

    Live in Mumbai.liked ur page as it relates to my osteoporous condition. I am 74 year and female.my knees are giving acute trouble.something snaps at knees and then I cannot move for a while and it is painful.what is this condition. I take normal dose of tablets.can you throw some light? Harsha
    Can I have ur phone?

    • drpvramana says:

      Sorry for late reply
      I am 73 myself and living on supplements and determined not to take pain killers
      Recently I have heard of “McKenjies” exercises to stregthen thigh and calf muscles which will lessen the load on the knee joint
      Consult a Physio near your home and share your experience

  9. Harsh a kataria says:

    My dr has suggested knee replacement . i would like a second opinion. Is there an alternative?

    • drpvramana says:

      Knee replacement is the last resort. Doctors recommend as they get refrral fee from the surgeon. All Knee replacements fail in some years. Bette roption is:
      – reduce weight
      – Go to Physiotherapy and do prescribed exercises religiously
      – Walking is best medicine
      – Take Food supplements like Glucosamine and Collaflex which give good result over regular use

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  11. madhusudhan says:

    Dear Respected Sir,
    My name is S Madhusudhan. my age is 44 years. i have been diagnosed with grade-II wear and tear in the knee. I am taking stiff powder( a combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Calcium with vitamin C). The manufacturer of the stiff powder is from chennai. After taking for two months my symptoms has not decreased. Do you suggest me to change the product, so that I should use a better manufacturer?. further please specify if there is a radiological change ( X-ray) after using collaflex in any of the patients diagnosed with OA

    • drpvramana says:

      Please remember the following:
      – Only imported Glucosamine tablets are pure and guaranteed
      – You must take initially double dose ie 2 tablets of 750 mg a day for 2 months and gradually reduce to 1 tablet/day.
      – Pain relief cmes slowly but is is permanent as long as you use the tablets
      – reduce weight also which helps

      I am not aware of teh “stiff” powder made in Chennai. It may not be medically effective

  12. madhusudhan S says:


    My name S Madhusudhan , I am 44 years old. I have been diagnosed with Grade-II wear and tear in the knee cartilage. When I walk I get dull pain. Please tell me if anyone after using these Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Calcium and other supplements had an X-ray. i mean if there any visible change in the cartilage size. thank you

    • drpvramana says:

      I have used Glucosamine Choindrite 500 mg and 750 mg tablets twice a day. I have not had an X-Ray done to show the improvement. But I have no pain now and walkm 2 miles/day with no effort. I am 73 years old now, and since last 15 years I am using Glucosamine daily. That is the only proof I need

  13. S madhusudhan says:


    I am S Madhusudhan. You stated that you started experiencing OA pain in right knee since last 5 months.Did you hear any creaky noise when you moved your leg when you were experiencing pain? is the creaky sound still there now?

  14. Maurice says:

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  15. Wilma says:

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  16. Drbmgupta says:

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  17. Thank you for information and sharing.

  18. Rajeev Jain says:

    Dear All
    I am 56 years old. I was diagnosed OA about 4 years ago with severe pain. I was also diagnosed as suffering from Osteopenia. It was really bad in the morning and walking was almost impossible. I consulted number of doctors but with no result. I started with the following medicines.

    Glucosamine with other medicines as food supplement. I also used about 30 sachet of Collaflex as food supplement. I also take Calcium for 15 days in two months.

    I also tried Osteo Artho. Nosode 200 a Homeopathic medicine for some time.

    Finally I approached the Ayurvedic Clinic run by Baba Ramdev in Delhi. They prescribed me some medicines. I continued with these medicines for about two years. These medicines were really helpful.

    I used cycling which was very helpful.

    With the above treatment now I am walking (brisk) for about an hour every day. I can climb 7 stories. In the morning I feel no pains.

    Rajeev Jain

    • S madhusudhan says:

      I am S Madhusudahn, aged 45 years suffering form OA. Please tell me whether you are using these supplements( Glucosamine, Collaflex ets) along with Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by Ayurvedic Clinic run by Baba Ramdev in Delhi? As I am living in ANDHRAPRADESH where Ayurvedic Clinic run by Baba Ramdev though available may not contain a qualified doctor such as in New Delhi. Can you suggest me the medicines prescribed to you sir? Further please tell me if are still using the medicine after getting complete cure

      with regards
      S Madhusudhan

  19. Levi says:

    Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted
    to say that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts.

    After all I will be subscribing in your feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  20. S madhusudhan says:

    Dear Rajeev Jain,

    I am Madhusudhan, what was the medicines given by Ayurvedic Clinic run by Baba Ramdev in Delhi, sir? Are you still using the medicines?

    • drpvramana says:

      I am not a devotee of Ramdev Ashram

    • Rajeev Jain says:

      Dear Mr Madhusudan

      Please be noted that I was not a follower of Baba Ramdev till I started his medicine. I found his medicines were good and helped in regaining strength to walk. I can walk 6 to 10 Km without any trouble. But now I have started mehi dana in Curd as suggested. Now I have stopped Baba Ramdevs medicines long back. I can mail you the prescription of Baba Ramdev if you send me you email ID.

      • P V Ramana, Chairman, ITM Group says:

        Thank You Ramana

      • A. George says:

        Dear Mr Jain,
        Please send me your email id. What is the prescription of Baba Ramdev that was good for you? What is the name of the vaidya and which clinic (address, please) of Baba Ramdev did you go to?

        Thanks and Regards,


      • b.p.singh says:

        pl.mail the priscription other thinghs you you did to get rid of os. em bpsinghrsr@gmail.com

      • Mohan Garg says:

        Dear Mr. Rajiv Jain,

        My mother is suffering from osteoporosis as well as osteoarthritis since last 10 years. Due to allopathic medicines, she has now developed duodenal ulcer. Could you please send the prescription of Baba Ramdev at my email ID mohangarg21@gmail.com ?

      • drpvramana says:

        I am not a disciple of Ram Dev Ji. I am writing my own experiences, and I am NOT a doctor! Please read my blog, and take anything useful from it.
        Thanks for sharing

      • A George says:

        dear mr rajeev jain,
        please tell me the prescription that Baba Ramdev gave for your knee problems.
        my email is: gallagappa@yahoo.com

      • k sunderam says:

        Kindly send the details of medicine you took as advised by ramdev

      • drpvramana says:

        I am not an agent for Baba Ramdev
        This site is for sharing my experiences and those of others, and learn from each other.
        YOu may approach this Baba directly if you want. Personally I do not believe in any Baba

  21. S madhusudhan says:

    dear drpvramana,

    I used Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid (from Kirkland signature imported US) for 20 days. My cholesterol level in blood went to 225 from 156. I discontinued the medicines and my cholesterol level has came back I never changed my diet. still I saw these fluctuation. please suggest, my doctor is suggesting to dis-continue Glucosamine.

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Madhududan
      As far as I know Glucosamine had no connection with Cholesterol. You need to balance benefit of joint health with other conditions.

      • S madhusudhan says:

        I didn’t understand completely will you please elaborate

      • P V Ramana, Chairman, ITM Group says:

        I meant that Glucosamine had no effect on Cholesterol levels

        Dr. P. V. Ramana Chairman ITM Group

  22. Abid Hussain says:

    can u let me know how effective is Collaflex sachets. I hv been prescribed to take one daily. my left knee has pain due to fluid collection in the joint. I had a ligament tear ten yrs back.

  23. rani says:

    sir; for sitting which position is safe to protect future knee pain 1.to cross both legs (sukhasan ) or with straight legs in front.

    • drpvramana says:

      I believe that Lotus pose, Sukhasan is best to prevent future knee pain. But once you start getting knee pain it is not good since more stress is put on a damaged knee joint. I believe that the knees folded back position which Japanese and Chinese use is best at all times.

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  25. A. George says:

    dr mr rajeev jain,

    please send me your email id. i wish to ask you more questions about your treatment with baba ramdev clinic.

  26. Ramani says:

    Dear Dr P V Ramana,

    I am 30 yrs old and already facing the problem of knee joints. Reading the above mentioned chats, I think its high time I pay attention. I am doing yoga and daily walking. But do you suggest I should start with prescribed supplements at this stage?

    • P V Ramana, Chairman, ITM Group says:

      These are not “prescribed” on;y suggestions based on my own use. You can start at any age since there are no side effects that I can see. I found them useful so I am sharing my experiences Ramana

    • drpvramana says:

      Food supplements that supply needed ingredients for the body to repair itself (Calcium, Collagen, Diacrene, MSN etc) can be used at any age. My suggestion is that we should enable the body (which is a miracle in itself) to help itself, before pushing foreign chemicals into the body.

  27. Helena G. says:

    Around 57 years of age, OS developed. A teaching job I was told may have led to it. But I totally agree with Dr. P V Ramana when he says weight control, diet- exercise is the best cure. My medications i e Glucosamine etc. is going to get over soon (picked them up in Canada) and I need help to buy some of the mentioned tabs. If exporters/ suppliers are not the source for them, in Mumbai, then I am in real trouble. Age is 64 now.
    P.S. Getting them from USA / Canada will not be easy .

  28. drashokn says:

    Reblogged this on drashokn and commented:
    useful information.some people are becoming crippled/enlaved with OA. http://www.arthrolink.com/en/disease/knowing/evolution-osteoarthritis

  29. Ursula says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Osteoarthritis (OA) dealing with OA with dietary supplements | drpvramana <Liked it!

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    • drpvramana says:

      I have had OA in both my knees. I am now 74 yrs old, weigh 220 lb, and 5’9″ tall – obese
      borderline diabetic (110/130) and norderline BP (140/90). I have cured ( I hope!) in both my knees with suplements only. I have also tries all kinds of oil based and massage based treatments, but nothing worked. I started this blog to share my experiences with all.

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  33. My wife aged 60 year is having Osteoarthritis problem in her right knee since last two years. we have been consulting various doctors and taking medicines. Not much improvement seen Now one of my friend has suggested to take supplement of collflex sachets once in a week. will it be alright? kindly suggest.
    Thanks for good discussion.

    • drpvramana says:

      Collaflex needs to be taken every day for 2 weeks- This is my experience
      In addition you need Glucosamine with MSM and Chondroitin 1500 mg twice in a day for 2 months and then 1 a day
      Also AAA Cal Osteo one a day for 2 moths and then normal Triple A Cal one a day

      Also the modern wisdom for bad knees is “Use it or Lose it” Even if it os painful, keep walking at least 45 min/day Exercise, Collagen, and Glucosamine are the only cure. Heat Pads, fomentation, and keep ing the knee warm in a cold climate are helpful.


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  36. Dharamveer SIngh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am very happy to see your blog and a helping hand towards people suffering from Arthritis.My mother (retired teacher) is 63 and has been suffering from Knee pain from last 8 years.She has been using some or other medicine/Massage to curb the pain and managed her work.Recently,she is diagnosed with ostopenia and doctor has suggested to use Collaflex (1 sachet a day) and Oxaceprol to cure the problem.Doctor has also advised to reduce weight (she is 4’11” & 47 kg) and do regular walking/exercise for 30-45 minutes a day.After a month of medication/walking, now She is doing good with pain and movement but medicine is making her stomach fill.She is eating very less and all the time complains of gastric problem.

    She has also been complaining of hip joint pain & shoulders pain.Is this common in case of arthritis that it will affect all the joints?

    What can we do to avoid the gastric problem?is this normal with the use of Collaflex?What are the different excises needs to be done to keep the joint health in good shape?

    Ramanna Sir,I am going to use your Morning Nector for her and i strongly believe that this will work wonder.She has been consuming Methi seeds from last 5/6 years and that definitely helped her,but Morning Nector sounds promising.


  37. Rupa says:

    I am 57 years old female suffering from oa pain in left knee . Taking colla flex and bio-d max. My q is can I use treadmill and cross trainer in gym I do cycling .and what type of glucosamine with mum and chondroitin 1500 should take . Not able to walk

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Rupa. First of all, Rupa, I am not a medical doctor. I am 75 years now and have succesfully coped with OA in both knees. I am detailing my experiences and some non-medical advice.
      Collaflex sachet – pls tale once a day for 30 days or so. This did not give me any effect after that
      Bio-D – I have not heard of this. Must be no harm in taking this
      Glucosamine with MSM and Chondrtoin 1500 mg TWICE a day for 30 days and then once a day without fail
      Exercise – any amount is OK. Treadmill not advised as it puts weight on knee joint. Simple walking a comfortable speed of 4 to 5 Km in one hour – normal walking speed is fine. WALK YOU MUST, EVEN WITH PAIN. Use it or Lose it! That is the formula.
      Reduce weight by minimum 3 to 5 Kg and then slow reduction for your ideal weight and BioMass Density level
      Good Luck
      Dr Ramana

      • dharamveer says:

        Dear sir,

        There are so many brands for Glucosamine with MSM and Chodrotoin 1500 Mg”.Which one is best?

      • drpvramana says:

        Sir, I have used Kirkland USA, and practically any brnad from USA which contains all 3 critical ingredients – Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin with minimum tablet of 750 Mg (Twice a day, or 1500 Mg once a day is OK. Other brands from USA advertise presence of Boron (as Socium Borate) etc which are good as additional inputs.

        I have not found any Indian brand effective, as due to costs, they reduce contents and the active ingredient strength is not up to thw level needed

        Do not forget that this is a continuous life-long use. It is not a course which you do for 30 days or 3 months!
        This is my experience

      • JM says:

        I take Cartigen Forte. It’s v good.

  38. Rupa says:

    Thanks for reply.u r doing a good job.Bio-d3Max iscalcitrol and calcium .ok want to know please write the name of glucosamine medicine .first I was taking ostecerin Dr stopped and now taking colla flex . Can I take Carttigen 1500.u r telling go for walk really not possible can’t walk for 15 minutes. Doing cycling and floor exercise and pranyam.diet is vej.am very depressed for my mobility .please guide me .

  39. Rupa says:

    Please write the name of medicine glucosamine .

    • drpvramana says:

      It is sold in the same name “Glucosamine with MSM and Chodrotoin 1500 Mg”
      If you freinds or relatives in USA they can send it. Also it is sold through Amazon.in on-line

  40. Sujatha says:

    I am Sujatha sir . I am 52 yrs old and had a degenerative lateral meniscus tear in my left knee and underwent arthroscopy . Now I have developed wear and tear in my right knee cap . As soon as I get up from a chair I experience stiffness and pain for about 15 steps and then I am ok . My orthopedist has prescribed collaflex . Is it safe for me to use and will the morning nectar help me ? Is the morning nectar taken on an empty stomach ?

    • drpvramana says:

      Collaflex will help. Do it one sachet per day for 30 days
      Use double dose of Glucosamine ie 1500 Mg twice a day for another 2 months, then one tab a day, every day, with no stop
      MOrning Nectar helps
      My own experience says this will work

      • PARTAP MADAAN says:

        I am 70 yrs. I have osteoarthritis for the last 5 yrs. Only 3 months back, I have my right knee replacement. Insensvity also prevailed in right leg from last 5 yrs. My right leg does not work properly in spite of 10 sittings from physiotherapist. When I walk I feel my right leg very heavy. I fear knee replacement for my left leg now. Advise me. PARTAP SINGH MADAAN. CALGARY (CANADA )

      • drpvramana says:

        Dear Sir,
        Knee replacements are always a 50% chance of good recovery, since there are 2 different specialties involved. It is my understanding that a replacement part of the correct knee cap size will always work well, since it is synthetic. The ligatures (small muscles which attache the knee joint to the thigh and calf muscles) are to be rejoined and that part is not yet 100% foolproof for any surgeon. In North America, this responsibility is divided between 2 surgeons. My sister-in-law in Boston had her 2 knees done and is practically immobile now. The jint man says that the joints are perfect, and the muscle man says that the trauma induced by the artificial joint is still not reduced! Who can argue with a surgeon! My suggestions to you:
        – Avoid left knee replacement as far as possible. Try the methods that you see in this blog.
        – Keep walking – “Use it or lose it” is the mantra of orthopedists
        – Try Laparoscopic surgery by a good Orthopedist in Mumbai or Delhi – Success rate in India is much more than in North America for Knee surgery

        I feel the heaviness you feel after the Right knee surgery is lack of proper attachment of lower muscle set to the joint. Here also Laparoscopic correction is possible

        Please take my suggestions as experience sharing. I AM NOT A DOCTOR!
        Good luck

      • Sujatha says:

        Sir, As my relatives are in California …. Pls let me know the best collagen , glucosamine, multivitamin and any other things I need to take for the OA of both my knees …….
        Thanks Sir ..Regards

  41. shobha says:

    What is morning nectar?

    • drpvramana says:

      Take 2 Tsp Methi seeds and soak them overnight in Curds. In the morning first thing, before coffee/tea, add 1 Table spoon of powdered Flax seed (Alsi seed, or Avise seed) and 1 Tsp of Pure Honey. This is Nectar! benefits include:
      – aids joint repair
      – improves Pancreatic function and helps control Blood Sugar levels
      – Increased ration of HDL and lowers harmful cholesterol like LDL and VLDL
      Wait 30 minutes before taking any other Coffee/Tea/Water or Breakfast

  42. Rajeev Jain says:

    Dear All,

    I have OA in both the knees. I am 58 years old.
    I have made a modified nector as under:

    Methi seed powder
    Haldi Powder
    Dry Ginger Powder
    Alsi Seed Powder
    Dry neem powder.

    All are mixed in equal quantities. I am taking the same in the morning one table spoon with hot water.

    Please advise whether the same is OK.

    Rajeev Jain

  43. Manisha says:

    I had developed severe knee pain and tenderness in knees at the age of 32. The specialist doctor told me after few tests that I had rheumatoid arthritis and that I would have to take medicines for life. I was in tears. Thankfully my homeopathic family doctor told me I am perfectly fit and fine. We again did the tests and reports were normal. She gave few homeopathic medicines for couple of weeks, few exercises, vitamin D shots and calcium for around three months and I ws back to normal. My findings are as under:

    1 ) First step to any medical problem: postive thinking. Keep saying to yourself you are perfectly fine and that you WILL RECOVER. and everything falls into place.

    2) Believe in yourself more than any doctor who scares you. Believe that ther is a solution for evry problem.

    3) our body has its own natural healing techniques and sometimes we only complicate things by going for unnecessary tests and medicines.

    4) Soak your feet in warm water mixed with fat salt.

    5) Eat lot of calcium richfood. Eggs, spinach, bananas, til , drumsticks, etc.

    6) Go out in the morning sun and take a nice sun bath for minimum twenty minutes daily. This is especially for housewives who generally miss the morning sun..That ensures proper Vitamin D levels..

    7) Lasy bit not the least PRAY AND STAY HAPPY. Illnesses are caused only by wrong thinking and vitamin deficiencies . Take care of both these aspects and you shall be fit and fine. This is applicable to any disease in the world.

    All the best and God bless!

  44. Sarav says:

    hi i happen to visit this blog.. I have Knee pain for the last 3 months and has been consulting an Ortho specialist . Besides Exercise , he has prescribed a supplement called ORTHOBOON . I would like to know that whether it contains animal substance

    • drpvramana says:

      Dear Sarav
      Orthoboon contains just 12gm of Collagen, and 750 mg of Glucosamine
      My reading and experience shows that
      1) Minimum 50gm sachet of Collagen should be taken separately on emoty stomach in the morning. These are sold in packets of 10 sachets. Please take for 20 days. It is harmless and supplies the main ingredient to repair the knee joint
      2) Recommended dose for Glucosamine is 1500mg. The usual formulation is 750 mg Glucosamine, plus MSM and Chondroitin. These 2 ingredients are essential for Glucosamine to work. Plain Glucosamine is just Glucose + Amina Acid. They are digested like food and do not form the base for the membrane in the knee which is the main issue
      Knee pain is due to this membrane wearing out.

      I suggest you locate these items and take 2×750 mg/day for at least 30 days and thereafter 750mg/day for the rest of your life!

      Orthoboon is one of the ‘mindless formulations’ for which Indian Pharma industry is famous for. It contains Vitamin C also which has no purpose in the context of knee pain and OA!

  45. Ajanta says:

    I have had a TKR in my right knee. Suffer from ostoarthitis and flat foot problems. For how long can I have Collagen ? It was prescribed by the doctor but he didn’t say how long should I continue.
    Please advise.

    • drpvramana says:

      I cannot comment on TKR – I hope this has been successful in your case. Re Flat Foot problems. There are 2 things you should try.
      1. Try wearing high heel shoes. Add at least 15mm to existing heel. Some times the pain goes away miraculously
      2. Try getting a shoe or a sandal from http://www.kurufootwear.com – they have a special sole which moulds itself to your foot after wearing for 2 hours – ie it is sets to the profile of your sole by pressure and body heat. Almost always removes pain from flat feet or heel pain

    • Helena Ganguly says:

      Physiotherapy, diet control ( not only to loose weight but body specific helps. A dietician checks the blood tests and recommends what is suitable or not suitable for us.) I was advised to turn vegetarian, due to Uric Acid problems.

      Diet supplements help, if after sometime you feel better, start your regular morning and evening walks. Do the exercises recommended by the Physiotherapist and control your diet, which is specific in your case.

      The pain is reduced but continuing,” I have to look after my health,” is a must!

      • drpvramana says:

        Very True – Recently I have heard a senior TKR specialist from USA saying ” Use it or Lose it!” – YOU MUST WALK EVEN IF IT IS PAINFUL.
        Loss of mobility results from not going for walks. Do it in the house only if scared of roads. Definitely walk for minimum 30 min morning and evening. Walking improves blood flow. The Calf Muscle is the Second Heart which pumps blood from legs upwards back to the heart.

  46. Sujatha says:

    Sir , I am 55 yrs female , and experiencing the same problem of Osteoarthritis of the knees going up to my hip joint . I would also like to take supplements for the problem . I need some advice from you . Can bioactive collagen peptides be simultaneously be taken with glucosamine ? Along with calcium and multivitamins ?

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