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Innovative Programs in Management Education

All of us know about the 2 year MBA and the 2-Year AICTE approved PGDM in India. Why 2 years? In general in USA and Europe, the MBA is just 12 to 14 courses, ie 36 to 42 Credit hours. … Continue reading

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The AICTE published a notification on December 28, 2010 abdicating its responsibility for PGDM programs. AICTE intended that State DTE CAP process should apply to all PGDM programs. This has destroyed in one stroke the hopes of lakhs of MBA … Continue reading

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Hi All I have just started a blog site at You are welcome to add comments and keep the discussion going. I intend to start 2 threads – AICTE and Education, and my thoughts about “Upanishads – Simplified” Ramana

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Hello world!

Hi, Welcome to my world which currently has 2 themes – Higher Education Reforms, and the second is “Upanishads simplified” Dr P V Ramana

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